• 03 Springtime at Nohant Manor Small
    Poppies over Burma
    Chopin Nocturnes Op. 48 Title page
    16 Nohant Typical Berry Country Road - Nocturne in C Minor, 1847 [KK 1233-5] AG
  • Photo from "Chopin's Europe" courtesy Hanna Komarnicki
    Nohant Window 2 [96]
    Nohant Manor -- Garden Entry from "Chopin's Europe" courtesy MUZA, SA and Hanna Komarnicki
    OP 9 No 2 Cover
    Fryderyk Chopin's initials embellish the gate at The Hermitage -- formerly the Museum of the Chopin Festival -- where, in the summer of 1826, the Chopin family came to the spa at Duszniki "to take the waters."
    Chopin's Warsaw No. 2
  • Chopin Project Educational Outreach
    Tribute to Chopin
    Hexameron Image

Watch the Video Tribute Here

Tribute to Chopin

'Tributo a Chopin' 80 x 36 Oil on Canvass ©Camargo Vilardy, 2009. Photo courtesey of Angela Bustamonte (c) 2009

Today’s posting embodies a grand fusion of the 19th century music of Fryderyk Chopin and the visual expression of twenty-first century Colombian sculptor and painter, Carlos Camargo Vilardy, whose love for Chopin’s music provided enormous impulse for the enterprise.

The creation of the painting presented here in video format occupied ten days in Tampa, Florida, where Vilardy and his son, Barranquilla filmmaker Felipe Camargo were immersed in the music, the painting and the experience.

Click on the video below to watch and listen. As always, we encourage your comments.

© Copyright Felipe Camargo

  • Rebecca Blanco

    Beautiful. I will give you constructive feedback when I have it but I don’t in this case. I love it!

    What about the idea of offering the painting in poster form and giclee form to those who might be interested. The proceeds can go to all involved. The original is available also but I want to make sure that it is to the right person or institution and that the proceeds are fairly distributed.

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