Today’s Chopin Project posting features “Chopin’s Europe,” a just released hardbound photographic essay of all the places Chopin lived, loved, played and composed through the four decades of his life — some familiar, some rarely published, others newly discovered.

With a Foreward by Martha Argerich, the innovative format of “Chopin’s Europe” tells his story more from a geographical point of view and less as a chronological restatement of fact.

Concise but comprehensive text by acclaimed Chopin biographers Iwo and Pamela Zaluski, together with highly evocative and personal photographs taken by Hanna Komarnicki and painstakingly curated by her husband Juliusz,  “Chopin’s Europe” really does bring to life the beauties, moods and aspects of Chopin’s continent, from remote Poturzyn in the sub-Ukrainian hinterland, to the wild beauties of Majorca to the mist-swathed Highland of Scotland.

Some news: “Chopin’s Europe” will be presented to the Chopin Society, UK on Sunday May 2 following a 3:30PM recital by Martin Kasik at St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.

Watch a  slide show here:

CHOPIN'S EUROPE SMALL AMAZON Purchase here: Chopin’s Europe: A Photographic Essay

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    I wanted to mention to you the excellent initiative of the “Conservatoire de Musique de l’Aveyron,” which just organized an event in Rodez, France, called “24 heures Chopin.” In this rather small (30,000) town in the depths of rural France, over 40 concerts and other events celebrating Chopin were held in different cafés, auditoriums and other venues. A highlight was a free concert by French pianist Florence Pavie. Almost all of the other free events were performed or organized by local students and music teachers. Practically every concert was full or nearly-full. Here is the page with links to the PDF program:

    There has been little online press coverage, just this article for the moment, but more may come: