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    Chopin Nocturnes Op. 48 Title page
    Nohant Manor -- Garden Entry from "Chopin's Europe" courtesy MUZA, SA and Hanna Komarnicki
    03 Springtime at Nohant Manor Small
    Poppies over Burma
  • Photo from "Chopin's Europe" courtesy Hanna Komarnicki
    Fryderyk Chopin's initials embellish the gate at The Hermitage -- formerly the Museum of the Chopin Festival -- where, in the summer of 1826, the Chopin family came to the spa at Duszniki "to take the waters."
    Nohant Window 2 [96]
    Hexameron Image
    Tribute to Chopin
  • Chopin's Warsaw No. 2
    16 Nohant Typical Berry Country Road - Nocturne in C Minor, 1847 [KK 1233-5] AG
    OP 9 No 2 Cover
    Chopin Project Educational Outreach

A beautiful and moving video that brings to life Chopin’s early years in 19th century Warsaw. You see where the young “Frycek” lived and hear details of his family, friends, personality and musical progress. Produced by the City of Warsaw, the video interweaves scenes from past and present, the effect showing you how Chopin’s story and city, like his music, live on today.

  • Phoenix

    Beautiful! As usual, anything Chopin brings me to tears. A genius indeed, of the heart.

  • Free Range Chicken

    Must visit the places, those that still exist, featured in this wonderfully touching video.

  • Anonymous

    Since the narration is not in English I cannot follow the story of Warsaw years from this video.

  • Frederick Gallacher

    Truly a very moving film of my hero.
    The narration can be heard in English if you browse.
    I have been lucky enough to visit all the places connected with him, and continue to appreciate his works all the more