Always a favorite, now a rarity. This just released Chopin Project single performed by William Kapell gold medalist, Arthur Greene, is an unusual edition of one of Chopin’s most beloved compositions, his Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2.

So why is it rare? Chopin marked up some of his scores for his piano students which have been fascinating for musicologists to examine. He sometimes added fingerings and other instructions. And occasionally, as here, he added extra notes and even special cadenzas. So . . . listen closely if you know this piece and you’ll hear some lovely original additions by Monsieur Chopin himself.

The complete Opus 9 was originally published as “Les Murmures de la Seine” and dedicated to the wife of Chopin’s friend Camille Pleyel. Marie Pleyel is the woman pictured in the cameo on the album cover.

In celebration of the six month anniversary of Chopin’s 200th birthday, we are offering it as a free download until September 1, 2010.

  • Great post, i looked for these cadenzas for a long time and now i found them, they are amazing 🙂
    thanks for that.

  • J

    Where can I find the sheet music for these cadenzas?

  • Gordon shaw

    This app is a great idea, I love that all the preludes are present. I will happily pay more to have all the works. It would be nice to have different interpretations of the works too. A comparison of the great artists in one app would be gooood! Thanks Chopin lovers 🙂