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Daniel Rodriguez was a photojournalist for the Colombian daily newspaper El Espectador from 1936-66. His work, nearly all in black and white, is known for its beauty and simplicity. It shows a face of Colombian culture transporting the viewer on a nostalgic journey full of contrasts. Chopin’s Mazurka in F Minor, Op. 63 No. 2 performed by Polina Khatsko establishes the tone for our introduction to the photographic works of this Colombian master.

The Daniel Rodriguez Archive consists of approximately 3,500 negatives (mostly 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches) and 350 prints (mostly 8 x 10”).  It covers Colombian history and society from1935 through 1970.  Daniel’s photographs have been exhibited in Berlin, Barranquilla, Colombia, and Tampa, Florida. Beginning February 25, 2011, and running through April 16, selected photographs from the Daniel Rodriguez Archive will be on display in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. The Exhibit will showcase 60 of his photographs that are owned by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, (Banco de la Republica del Colombia) which, like the US Library of Congress,  exists as a repository for the cultural and artistic richness of Colombia.  Bucaramanga is hosting the first exhibit in a series that will occur in twenty-three Banco de la Republica offices throughout Colombia.

  • Janice

    Lovely – closeups of faces filled with emotion as well as architectural types are wonderful & Chopin’s music adds a poignancy! Very nice.

  • Jim D.

    Thank you for the kind response to our video. The challenge put before us was to use photographs and Chopin’s music to tell a story. The photo we chose is is an unusual public gathering in the 1940s – a cross-section of the Colombian culture in the capital city of Bogota. In the mass of people you can see the poor, the middle class, and the “Captains” of the economy. The video captures the relationship of the architectural elements that create an ornate building, and a parallel is made to the cultural components in the gathered people.

  • Jacques Christopher

    i enjoyed it very much. to me, it was evidence of a rare moment in space. that is, to witness this quintessential tripartite of a gifted musician, gifted photographer and the gifted employees at MDM Graphics coming together at a perfect pinnacle of visual and audio bastion of utopia!