The world is celebrating Fryderyk Chopin’s 201st Birthday! Our part of it includes a vibrant awareness of the community of Chopin music lovers — visualized here with Chopin Planet and our Chopin Project Player.

First, click the red “Listen Now” button. Our Chopin Project Player will appear and Chopin’s music will play. Click on a different title and the new piece will play. If you’d like, make a Playlist, Sort by Genre, Key and Year.  AND NOW, enjoy a captivating view (of Planet Earth from Chopin’s star) — of the Global Community of Chopin celebrants — with Chopin Planet. Click the image below.
Click the center of the spinning globe to activate a more complete visual experience. (If your browser isn’t responsive, try Firefox hyperlinked to Firefox download). The yellow lights represent the cities of all visitors to the site since the 200th Birthday; the pulsing red lights represent current visitors — including you. Have some fun with it. Let us know what you think and how we can improve it. Email Chopin Project here:
  • princepesa

    Great site keep up the good wok!

  • Tess

    This Earth activity seems very entertaining good job!
    I’m doing a song by Chopin called Valse “Waltz” in other
    words!I want to find out more about the History of it. its
    a really great song too!!! Keep up the good work with this
    fantastic website!:)

  • Serge

    Good job Fred. I put this site in my favorites. Continue that way. It’s great !