Chopin – The Ballades


Ballade as a genre of piano music was created by Chopin. Ballades are typically romantic and epic. This composition form was not known in instrumental music until Chopin.

Ballade in g minor Op. 23
Ballade in F Major Op. 38
Ballade in A flat Major Op. 47
Ballade in f minor Op. 52

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  • Curtis Stotlar

    It would be nice to have the dates on these. I’ve studied (and performed) all of them and the opus numbers seem to make sense but those numbers are not always dependable when referring to when the pieces were written.

  • gumnut49

    The cover notes from an old LP I have tell us that Ballade no 1 was composed between 1831 and 1835; no 2 between 1836 and 1839; no 3 in 1841-42; and no. 4 in 1842.