Chopin – The Scherzos


Chopin’s scherzos form a climax in the history of the genre. Each of his scherzos, though based on a long-known form, have their own shades of expression and their own forms.

Scherzo in b minor Op. 20
Scherzo in b flat minor Op. 21
Scherzo in c sharp minor Op. 39
Scherzo in E Major Op. 54

  • Hi,

    This is a wonderful web-site. I’d like to let your readers know that I’ll be playing all four of the Chopin Scherzos in New York (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall) April 10, 2010. What a thrill it is to learn them.

    Congratulations again on a beautiful site.

  • Linda

    FYI the second one is op 31 not 21.


  • Curtis Stotlar

    Some of the lists in this project were quite helpful – particularly when we need to separate the actual dates of compositions with the opus numbers (which often are at extreme odds with each other). This list doesn’t provide much more information than what is commonly known, unfortunately.