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Chopin inspires pianist performing at Capitol Friday
Northumberland Today – Cobourg,Ontario,Canada
With his perfect marriage between playing style and musical material, pianist Michael Costello is Chopin. Those who have seen Mr. Costello perform rave
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Time to start over – Garrison Keillor
Salon – USA
A Chopin étude is a porcelain bowl holding powerful affections, and if someone sits at the piano and plays Chopin, the house is filled with images of
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Chopin recital marks EMI Classics debut NEW!
Business of Cinema – Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
It is a Chopin recital under an exclusive contract with EMI Classics. The repertoire features the Sonata No. 3 Op. 58, Fantasie-impromptu Op. 66,
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Demonstrating the power and glory!
Huddersfield Examiner – Huddersfield,UK
But it came fully into its own last night for an all-Chopin programme performed by Piers Lane. Chopin himself, who died in 1849, might not have had access
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Kolb: Class conscious
Somerville Journal – MA, USA
The guy, his hands washed but still, of course, wearing his work clothes, proceeded to sit down and play one Chopin masterwork after another about as well
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Chopin in the blogosphere:

(5 of 5) have you ever wondered?
By alienshards
ever wondered what classical music would be like with contemporary vocals? Here’s a few songs that answer that question in a spectacular way. Write your review of this album. Breakfast with Chopin by Elizaveta. Released December 2006.
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Ballet for Smarties
By ltraiger
There was Laura Urgelles in an aching waltz at the opening of “There Where She Loved”; Brianne Bland in a balmy but muted Chopin “Spring” from the same work; and Elizabeth Gaither accompanied by Runquiao Du to the heady make-up/break-up
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What I’m Listening To: Chopin
By Dave
The main piece we were going to hear was Chopin 2nd Piano Concerto. I learned his name is not pronounced how it looks chop-in but more like show-pan. Several people have laughed at my pronunciation. But this concert had some serious
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