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Clara and Robert Schumann/ Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn/ Chopin
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Her choice of lieder is questionable – Fanny Mendelssohn’s are dreadful, Chopin’s aren’t much better -but what is so amazing is the restrained,
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Furious Switching: Ivo Pogorelich, in a Video from 1980 Chopin
By snail
To me, watching Ivo Pogorelich play Chopin as he does here in the 1980 Chopin competition in Warsaw, is not much different to me than watching Otis Redding sing “Shake” or Iggy Pop writhe on stage to something off Funhouse.
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Sheet Music Consortium
This time around, it’s Chopin’s Nocturne No. 19 in E minor – Op. 72, No. 1. (It was actually written very early in Chopin’s career but wasn’t published until after his death.) It may well be my favorite of his nocturnes… or at least
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Richard Goode on Piano
By Ray Lewis(Ray Lewis)
Perhaps he could have set up his Steinway on the street in front of the recruiting station, as his interpretations of Chopin and Beethoven would make both pacifists and soldiers stop and listen. We all have artists who touch us in a

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By (Miel Designs)
Miel Designs posted a photo:. Chopin.
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Chopin – Robert Schuman
Combi : Raindrops Prelude +.