What will undoubtedly be the first of many “career-retrospective” items about Austrian pianist Alfred Brendel as he begins his farewell tour of the USA. In the article he discusses the situation for concert pianists at the start of his career: “One of the things that helped me sort it out was the fact that in my young years, there were still two types of great pianists: one who mainly played a large Central European repertoire and the other one who was a Chopin specialist. At that time, it was taken for granted that to play Chopin well, one needed specialization.” While Brendel opted for the former route, he believes he might have played more Chopin if he had taken time to explore the composer’s music….

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Thursday Thirteen #26 The Saga of Frederick and Georg

More about the relationship between Chopin and Georg Sand from our intrepid LA blogger…interesting graphics to accompany the story….including the picture (left) of a few bars of Chopins’s beloved Nocturne in E flat Major (Op. 9 No. 2) written down in an album of Chopin’s former fiancee Marie Wodzinski.

By Lara Angelina(Lara Angelina)

When we last left our couple, they had just met and while it seems that Georg was “warm for Chopin’s form”, he did not initially return the feeling. However, I need to back up the track a bit, to explain that when Chopin met Sand, …Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing – http://larachronicles.blogspot.com/