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Music and ‘the Man’

In-depth profile of pianist Byron Janis, who describes his affinity for Chopin:

But it was a Polish composer who may have had the greatest influence: Chopin was always a favorite, and Janis returned the favor, credited with discovering two once-lost Chopin waltzes, a find called “the most dramatic musical discovery of our age.”

At 80, Janis reflects: “It was a defining moment of my life; I felt like I was being led to them.”

He has taken the lead since that 1967 discovery of the 1832 waltz works, which Chopin had written “for a lady friend; how he loved the women.”
Jewish Exponent – Philadelphia,PA,USA
And Chopin has touched his lively life in many ways. The McKeesport, Pa., kid of Russian-Jewish heritage who was born Byron Yanks is a Yankee Doodle Dandy
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Two-Part Tribute to Byron Janis Begins March 8

More on Byron Janis…. – New York,NY,USA
At 6 PM March 10, “An Evening of Song with Pianist as Composer with a Touch of Chopin” will be offered. The concert will feature a host of theatre
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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Room for improvement

Fascinating discussion on a music-instruction blogsite using a Chopin Etude to illustrate the teaching of harmony…

By Alan Coady
It’s of Chopin’s Etude Op 10 No 1. There are more professional performances of this on YouTube but many are so fast that it’s difficult to hear the detail. This one, although not entirely error-free does have a certain tenderness about
Alan Coady’s Musical Blog –

By That Canadian Guy(That Canadian Guy)
So apparently there is a videogame based loosely on Chopin’s life. It’s called ‘Eternal Sonata’. Chopin is actually a playable character, and his music is found throughout. The character looks like Chopin as well.
Life, Love, and Everything In Between –

Chopin in the Videosphere:

YouTube – Yundi Li plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

Ignore the incorrectly-embedded title of it being “Op. 66”

Yundi Plays Chopin! Related Videos. Maurizio Pollini plays Chopin Nocturne no. 8 op. 27 no. 2. 04:43 From: joynes89. Views: 366648