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Cellist Oh Ah-mi’s Courageous Crossover
Korea Times – South Korea

The world’s first self-described “crossover cellist,” breaks conventions by adding dance moves to the still-standing cello performance. “I am inspired by Vanessa Mae’s passionate playing and Beyonce’s strong stage presence” she says…

`It’s really demanding, so I just have to practice that much more,” she said. Though not a trained dancer, Oh enjoys dancing and worked with a choreographer to create moves. In her first showcase performance at Seongnam Art Center tonight, her cello will be her dance partner as she waltzes to “Chopin’s Party of Dupin,” which was inspired by the Waltze (Op. 64 No. 2).`\

Two were inspired by well-known Chopin and Dvorak music. “(The composer and I) discussed our work a lot. I wanted to reinterpret the music and make them
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Review: Traces – Les 7 Doigts de la Main
The Dominion Post – Wellington,New Zealand

Chopin cheek-by-jowl with Chinese acrobats and skateboarders….

There’s endearing Chopin played live on a wonky piano, and a girl made of rubber who reads on (and through, over, under, and off) an even wonkier armchair.
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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

The Geometry Of Music
Partyvibes – Netherlands

From a Dutch blog: Chopin the cubist’s delight, via Princeton professor Dmitri Tymoczko:

Tymoczko looked at the piece and watched the composition’s motion through his geometrical space, he saw that Chopin was moving in a systematic way among the different layers of the four-dimensional cubes. “It’s almost as if he’s an improviser with a set of rules and set of constraints,” Tymoczko says.

Music theorists have long found Chopin’s E minor prelude puzzling. , Although the chord progressions sound smooth to the ear, they don’t quite follow the
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Rajka – Group 3 – Tiny Murders
By seaglassgirl

To what nationality does Chopin truly belong? From an online writing workshop….

I am back in my chair, with the half-cup of Cappuccino. I put my feet up and listen, again, to Chopin. I wonder: to whom does he belong? To everyone, to no one. Another soul who transcends us all and makes us whole. Content, I listen.
Opening the Circle –