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Method & madness: The oddities of the virtuosi
Independent – London,England,UK

This just in: A lot of great pianists of the ages have been more than a little crackers. A dissection on the eccentricities and downright madness of Shura Cherkassy, Glenn Gould, Artur Benedetto Michalangeli, Vladimir Horowitz, and a host of lesser knows, including…

Some pianists based brilliant careers on seeming mad, when they weren’t, the most notable being the diminutive Viennese “pianissimist” Vladimir de Pachmann, aka “the Chopinzee“, whose antics prompted George Bernard Shaw to write of his “pantomimic performance, with accompaniments by Chopin”

Yet his Chopin and Schumann had such panache that dozens of live recordings have been issued since his death. I regret never having heard Arturo Benedetti
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Nanowires prefer Deep Purple
ABC Science Online – Australia’

In the brand-new world of silicon nanowires, Chopin lags behind Deep Purple in promoting their growth – though it seems there are “kinks” to work out….

Parlevliet tested the effect of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’, Chopin’s ‘Nocturne Opus 9 No 1′, Josh Abrahams’ ‘Addicted to Bass’, Rammstein’s ‘Das
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WEST SIDE STORY SUITE – Standing Ovation for San Francisco Ballet – San Francisco,CA,USA

Account of San Francisco Ballet program currently in production that includes Jerome Robbins’ “In the Night,” danced to a recording of three Chopin Nocturnes by Artur Rubinstein…(Opus 9 No. 2, Opus 27 No. 1, Opus 55, No. 1 and No. 2.)

The evening includes three separate works featuring the music of Leonard Bernstein and Frédéric Chopin. 2008 marks the 90th birthdays of Bernstein and
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“Her Name Is Sabine,”

Review of new indy film by French actress Sandrine Bonnaire “making a patient, respectful, thoroughly unnarcissistic documentary about her own handicapped sister, and stumping for policy change as she considers painful mysteries about family and the passage of time in the process. “Her Name Is Sabine” (2007) is a simple, unpretentious piece of work…”

teen and young adult, she was different, “off,” but lucid, literate, energetic and capable of playing Chopin. She went without diagnosis for decades.
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