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Pianist’s intense preparation and talent have brought him global
Schenectady Gazette – Schenectady,NY,USA

Another preview for the current recital tour of 2000 Chopin Competition winner Yundi Li, who’ll play Sunday March 16th at the acoustically-rich Troy (NY) Savings Bank Music Hall. In this installment, we learn:

His role models for pianists were Maurizio Pollini of Italy and Krystian Zimerman of Poland, both of them previous winners of the Chopin competition who had gone on to major careers.

Since his incredible win at the 2000 International Chopin Competition at age 18 when he was the first competitor to take home a gold medal in 15 years and
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Unremarkable night salvaged by Israeli’s rendition of Schubert
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel

Meanwhile, at the Artur Rubinstein Piano Competition in Tel Aviv, the local critic is more impressed by an old film of the master in action than any of the flesh-and-blood contestants….

The second contestant, Rem Urasin of Moscow, strived to project an especially “deep” message, yet the result was boredom. The mazurkas of Chopin proved heavy and artificial, the antithesis of the Rubinstein approach, of which I was reminded while in the vestibule of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The museum was screening footage of Rubinstein leading a class in 1979 at the “Mishkenot Sha’ananim” in Jerusalem. It is worthwhile to stop and observe the old craftsman in action, demanding “simplicity” and emphasizing articulative rendition that needed to stem from genuine, internal emotion. For him and for musicians that managed to connect with him, such comprehensive instructions contained meaning.

The mazurkas of Chopin proved heavy and artificial, the antithesis of the Rubinstein approach, of which I was reminded while in the vestibule of the Tel
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Konstantin Igumnov = CHOPIN: Mazurka No. 33 in B Major, Op. 56, No
Audiophile Audition – USA

Another reissue review:

Another in the series The Russian Piano Tradition, this installment celebrates the artistry of Konstantin Nikolayevich Igumnov (1873-1948)–Moscow Conservatory teacher of notables Jakob Flier, Lev Oborin, and Bella Davidovich–with inscriptions Igumnov made 1935-1947 in fair to moderately passable sound. ….Chopin’s B Major Mazurka, which despite the tinny sound that haunts all Soviet inscriptions, reveals a fine sense of legato and good inner pulsation.

Igumnov claimed supremacy in the romantic repertory, particularly in the music of Chopin, Schumann, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, and Tchaikovsky.
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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Chord Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
Idolator – New York,NY,USA

More about musicologist Dmitri Tyomoczko’s intriguing video linking math, chords, Chopin, and spatial relationships…..and just how is it that scientists keep linking Chopin and Deep Purple?

There, he shows a Chopin chord progression represented as movement around a circle, and since a 12-point circle is a clock, it’s easy to follow.
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A blogger’s selection of favorite Chopin waltzes on YouTube…

Sergio Fiorentino plays Chopin Waltz Op 18 (GRAND WALTZ)–LEARN Yundi Li plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 –LEARN Horowitz plays Chopin Ballade 1

Loving Coq – Rooster – Ballet Review
By Vance(Vance)

A Toronto blogger weighs in on the National Ballet of Canada’s “32” [sic] Preludes” – apparently too dazzled by the outfits to note that there are actually only 24 of ’em….

And then there’s the first piece, 32 Preludes by Chopin that is weird and wonderful and modern and abstract and very very cool. Did I mention everyone is in tights? Tights that are transparent and only strategically covered by small
Tapeworthy –