Kicking against convention: a scene from The Concert, a clever and
This is London – London,England,UK

Another one of Jerome Robbins’ famous interpretations of Chopin, from the New York City Ballet performance at the London Coliseum….(be sure to read the Comments for an opposing viewpoint)

The Concert, for example, is a clever and poignant take on Chopin that gently mocks the absurdities of ballet and the suggestibility of music.
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‘I Think of Us as a Musical Species’
Spiegel Online – Berlin,Germany

Chopin is on the mind of noted neurologist and author (“Musicophilia”) Dr. Oliver Sacks...

Oliver Sacks: A Chopin mazurka is coming to me. It is one in B flat major, and I feel an itch in my hands to play it. I can sort of see the keyboard in
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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Lang Lang @ Kennedy Center
ionarts | Thursday, March 13, 2008

D.C.-area arts & culture blog weighs in on Lang Lang’s Monday night recital: Praise for Bartok; horror for Chopin:

With the final work, Chopin’s A-flat polonaise (op. 53), and the encores, Lang seemed to be making up for lost time, trying to inject a whole evening’s virtuosity into the space of a few minutes. The Chopin came across like a Duchamp-esque rewrite of a familiar masterpiece, played so fast that all of Chopin’s operatic relish of bel canto flourishes was simply steamrollered over in the process. The first encore, a Chopin étude (op. 10, no. 3), was calm and sad, with a blindingly fast middle section.

Martha Argerich Plays Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording
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Superlatives for a long-suppressed recording out on CD:

Lost is Found, finally
This Argerich Chopin performance, recorded by EMI in 1965 while she was actually under contract to DG is formidable for an artist so early in her career. Both the artistry and sound are superb and it’s a shame we fans had to wait so long for this recording to appear. These Chopin performances completely justify the competition judges decision to award her the grand prize at the 1965 Warsaw International Chopin Competition. It’s a collection must have!

Chopin himself would have gone into ecstasy listening to Martha Argerich play his music. It is impossible to find anyone else with such incredible, awesome, impossible ability to impart such emotional energy to a piano.
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By Frederic Francois Chopin(Frederic Francois Chopin)

Another “journal entry” from our favorite poet of the piano….(note: must be 14 to enter site…)

So it would seem I have been using my days to find inspiration for my music, and have yet to come across any such inspiration on my part. It is rather down hearting to not be able to find anything I can use as inspiration for my music;
The piano is his way of life –