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Project Launch to host Autism Benefit Concert
Woodlands Online, LLC – The Woodlands,TX,USA

A preview of a benefit concert by Dariusz Pawlas for Project Launcha Texas-based organization that While the April concert centers on Autism, the overall target population of Project Launch includes children and adults with myriad conditions that significantly impair their ability to learn fully, encompassing those with ADD/ADHD; Dyslexia; Autism; Aspergers; Depression; Bipolar Disorder; Tourette’s Syndrome; Mental Retardation; Cerebral Palsy, etc.;

Now a teacher of piano at both Rice University and the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Pawlas is famous for performing in Frederyk Chopin’s home at the Poland International Festival. Dr. Pawlas has performed in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Holland, Italy, and Chopin’s birthplace in Zelazowa Wola, as well as the Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C. He is the winner of the prestigious Estrada Mlodych Polish Piano Festival and recipient of the Frederyk Chopin Society of Warsaw scholarship.

Dr. Pawlas was born in Poland in the Silesian city of Rybnik, where he began his musical studies at age five. He graduated with the highest honors from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, and Rice University in Houston. Earning recognition internationally for his extraordinary talent, Dr. Pawlas has played with the Silesian Philharmonic of Katowice and Artur Rubenstein Philharmonic in Lodz.

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Art Talk: Ax, von Stade show why live music is better than recorded
The Capital Times – Madison,WI,USA

More praise for Emanuel Ax‘s performance of the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Madison Symphony Orchestra….

But the heart of the MSO concert for me, a avowed piano fan, was Ax (whose picture by J. Henry Fairfax is at the top). The quicksilver fleetness of the notes, the delicacy of the articulation and lightness of the touch, the rich tone, the lyrical legato – it all made for an experience that was memorable and nothing short of extraordinary.

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Participant extols virtues of festival; Amanda Salvati returns to
Orillia Packet & Times – Orillia,Ontario,Canada
“My parents can attest to the fact they have woken up to Beethoven and been lulled to sleep by Chopin on more than one occasion.” She’ll never forget being
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Lang Lang: Subtlety in absentia
Dallas Morning News – Dallas,TX,USA

L.L. Flails in Fort Worth, to the dismay of a Dallas critic…

Subtlety isn’t Mr. Lang’s forte. With Liszt’s chattering and booming octaves sometimes pounded within inches of the Steinway’s life, with the simple little tune so pushed and pulled that it was sometimes barely identifiable as such, this was vulgarity in excelsis.

In the Chopin E major Etude, [Op. 10 No. 3] played as an encore, excessive rubato distorted the main tune, and the middle section was crudely banged. It sounded like a parody of Liszt parodying Chopin.

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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Étude in E Opus 10 [No. 3]: Frédéric Chopin
By Ralph(Ralph)

Speaking of Lang Lang’s encore…

The main theme to this work, popularized as “No Other Love,” and the one translated into “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,” are the two most well-known of Chopin’s melodies. If you’ve never heard the lovely real thing, here it is. There was a time when I could play this thing, except for the middle part. Most avocational pianists will say the same thing.

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Pastor: Homenaje A Chopin for Guitar
By guitartuitionbooksdvds

Fresh posting of a piece by Spanish guitar composer Segundo Pastor.….

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