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Chopin: Piano Sonata No 3; Mazurkas Op 59; Barcarolle Op 60 – United Kingdom

UK paper gives Gilmore Award winner Ingrid Fliter a vigorous thumbs-up on her new All-Chopin CD:

Ingrid Fliter clearly loves Chopin’s music. The warmth of her playing and the lyrical impulse of her interpretations are combined with discretion in matters of dynamics, pianistic decoration and tonal colour to make these pieces flow from her fingers with the spontaneity of someone deeply immersed in the music’s idiom.

Fliter’s name might not yet be universally familiar here, but it will be. Born in Argentina, she came to prominence two years ago when she received the highly prized Gilmore Award in the United States, previously bestowed on such international artists as Piotr Anderszewski and Leif Ove Andsnes. Now that she is also a BBC New Generation Artist, opportunities to hear her will become more frequent.

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Mindru Katz plays CHOPIN, Vol. I
Audiophile Audition – USA

Review of a revissue by the Israeli pianist that Audiophile Audition calls “A highly personal approach to the composer – less of Horowitz than of [Myeczyeslaw] Horszowski or [Benno] Moiseiwitsch, a combination of implosive technique and fervent devotion.” As well as some fevered dreams….

Katz verbally recounts his experience with dreams, especially in relationship to the music of Chopin, “the genius of Chopin and not just the notes of Chopin.” The etude in double-thirds proved troubling to Katz: a dream involving Artur Rubinstein transpired, in which Rubinstein placed Katz’s hand on the keyboard to finger the etude. Somehow, in having practiced and performed the Tchaikovsky Concerto, Katz found the proper fingering for rendering the technique of the Chopin etude. In another dream, one involving a near-death experience, Katz discovered the proper touch and realization for the Funeral March Sonata…..Well-spoken, articulate, and poetically apt, Katz as raconteur and insightful artist makes a formidable combination well worth our undivided attentions.
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Chopin Foundation returns to Barboursville
Orange County Review – Orange,VA,USA

Young Chopin Competition winner to appear at an Orange County vinyard…

The Chopin Foundation of the United States and Premier Virginia Properties are proud to present Jacek Kortus of Poland, the youngest finalist of the 2005 International Chopin Piano Competition, on his world piano tour.

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