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Gach plans all-Chopin recital at Escondido arts center

North County Times – Escondido,CA,USA

Palomar College pianist Peter Gach prepares for his annual appearance….

Gach has had a lifelong love affair with the music of Chopin, and he loves any opportunity to share it with an audience.

Gach first discovered Chopin’s music as a boy, when he found some Chopin scores while sifting through a box of sheet music at his parents’ farm in Pennsylvania.

“I grew up in the country. We weren’t a musical family, but just by chance this box fell into my lap,” Gach said of the experience a few years ago. “It was like a magic box of wonders. I read it like a kid would attack a box of chocolates. It introduced me to a whole new world.”

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TIME OUT WITH … Hayley Kelly
St. Helena Star – St. Helena,CA,USA

Star high school athlete in Montana reveals her dream meeting….

Kelly: I think I would want to meet Mozart or Chopin because I play piano and those are my two favorite composers. They were both insanely gifted,

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Chopin Videos (sort of)

Chopin – Nocturne in e Flat
By the undomiciled sophisticate(the undomiciled sophisticate)

Classic recording of the Nocturne in E-flat (Op. 9 No. 2) in a violin-and-piano arrangement featuring Mischa Elman…

Played here by Mischa Elman. I have a flac version of this song that is much better, but its 40 megs, for a 4 minute song. Plus i don’t think blogger will play lossless formats as such. This is a pretty good surrogate though.
The Undomiciled Sophisticate –

Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Enjoying Chopin
By James(James)

Cheers for Chopin from a blog that promises “a forum for the discussion of relevant issues pertaining to society. Influenced by the teachings of Vatican II and inspired by the life of Pope John Paul II, we seek to engage every positive aspect of our culture (politics, current events, the arts, science, etc.) with the goal of infusing them with an authentic Christian humanism…”

I’ve been listening quite a bit to the works of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. It’s hard not to fall in love with his genius. His music for the piano is romantic and passionate yet ordered and elegant, uplifting and airy while not void of a certain melancholy.

The Forum –