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“Dear Frederic” – Complexions Contemporary Ballet – Los Angeles,CA,USA

Review of “vibrant Chopin” as part of a “sensational seven-part program,” which opens with a brief primer on the Chopin dance oeuvre…

Chopin never wrote a ballet. But that hasn’t stopped choreographers from mining his music. Fokine created “Chopiniana” in 1894 and revised it in 1908, and it appeared in that enduring form under a new title, “Les Sylphides,” when Diaghilev introduced it to the West in 1909.

Ashton created the heartbreaking “A Month in the Country” in 1976. Robbins couldn’t keep away either. Count four Robbins ballets set to his music: “The Concert” (1956), “Dances at a Gathering” (1969), “In the Night” (1970) and “Other Dances” (1974). The last three are classics.

Against such luminaries, choreographing another Chopin ballet may seem an almost reckless act. But what Dwight Rhoden, co-founder of Complexions Contemporary Ballet,

Rhoden’s Chopin is no pale, terminally ill Romantic languishing in Paris salons. He’s a successor to Bach and an inheritor of Baroque drive.

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Gilmore artist update: Ingrid Fliter racks up rave reviews
Kalamazoo Gazette – – Kalamazoo,MI,USA

Regular readers to Chopin2010 will recognize some of the quotes here…

In the 11 months since she last visited Kalamazoo, 2006 Gilmore Artist Ingrid Fliter has continued to tour the world — and continued to rack up the kind of reviews most pianists would kill for.

“(H)ow adequately to praise Thursday’s performance of the Chopin F minor Piano Concerto, with Argentinian pianist Ingrid Fliter?” asked Dallas Morning News music critic Scott Cantrell in a review of Fliter’s appearance with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in February. “I can’t think of another performance so compellingly personalized since the glorious 1935 recording by Alfred Cortot and John Barbirolli.

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