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New Classical Tracks: The allure and the thrill of Chopin
Minnesota Public Radio – Saint Paul,MN,USA

Radio review of Gilmore Prize winner Ingrid Fliter’s new CD…

The young Argentine musician Ingrid Fliter is one of the brightest rising stars in the piano world. The composer she’s most identified with is Chopin, and his music is the focus of her latest disc.

For her part, Ingrid Fliter has just released a new solo recording featuring works by Chopin, a composer she believes she was born to play.

“It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that if it had not been for Chopin’s music, I wouldn’t have been born,” she explained. “My mother noticed my father for the first time while he was playing some Chopin waltzes during a party!

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Ingrid Fliter replaces Anderszewski – Warsaw,Poland

Speaking of the Gilmore, one winner subs for another at the Barbican in London…

Polish pianist Piotr Anderszewski was forced to cancel his appearance at London’s Barbican Centre tonight on the advice of his doctor. He is replaced by the Argentine pianist Ingrid Fliter, Second Prize winner at the Chopin International Competition in Warsaw in 2000.

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Royal Ballet Double Bill, Royal Opera House, London
Independent – London,England,UK

Rave review for the Royal Ballet revival of the Chopin-centric “Dances at a Gathering….”

Dances at a Gathering looks simple. Jerome Robbins’ 1969 ballet puts 10 dancers on a bare stage, with a blue backdrop, set to Chopin piano pieces. The numbers are full of invention, yet they have to look easy. Robbins demands clean musicality and a sense of atmosphere. They’re all there in this wonderfully fresh performance.

It’s more than 30 years since the Royal Ballet put on Dances at a Gathering. People who saw it in its early years still go dreamy over it. The ballet’s atmosphere is fragile. This revival, staged by Susan Hendl and Ben Huys, has real warmth….

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Chopin in the Blogosphere:

Mostly having to do with fallout and feedback from the BBC’s Chopin Experience:

The Chopin Experience
By vhk10
I listened to bits of this all-Chopin weekend on Radio 3. (I used to listen to and indeed play Chopin’s music a lot, and though it has retreated a bit in my musical consciousness he is still a favourite of mine).

The best aspect was hearing recordings from different eras and with different interpretations, rather than just good recent performances.

I recommend trying the Chopin Audio Quiz, which is not trivial, mainly because the extracts are from the middle of pieces.

VHK’s singing –

Bad to the bone
By Sawyl(Sawyl)
I like to think of Radio 3 as the rebel of the BBC family, hanging back while the others chase after listeners, growing its toenails and listening to Chopin. A classical music-fancying rebel; every family needs one.
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing –