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Preview: Playing a fugue of his favourite things
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand

Aussie pianist Piers Lane prepares to play a “friendly” in neighboring New Zealand…Chopin friends and colleagues Charles Alkan and Liszt, not to mention Liszt’s student Eugene d’Albert are represented in the first half; Chopin after intermission….

The second half of Tuesday’s programme will be the complete cycle of Chopin Preludes, a rare privilege in this part of the world. “Everybody knows certain of the Preludes, but there are others that people won’t recognise, as you don’t get to hear them apart from as part of the whole set,” Lane says. “They are a wonderful kaleidoscope of ideas and emotions and it’s extraordinary to hear how Chopin feels about each major and minor key on the piano because he goes through all 24 just as Bach did in his Well-Tempered Clavier.”

Lane says he likes stories about the composers he plays and has thought about how Chopin might have played his own music. “Later in his life, he was frail. When he played in England towards the end, they complained they couldn’t hear him at the back of the concert hall. In fact, his main criticism of other pianists was that they made the piano bark like dogs. He didn’t like big-scale playing. His style was an intimate one; he drew people in rather than going out to meet them.”

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Glasgow team piped into Paris to bid for role as City of Music
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK

More on the Glaswegan’s bid to become a UNESCO City of Music…

only nationally but internationally – Mendelsohn visited and was inspired by Scotland’s landscapes, and Chopin took his first train ride in the city.

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Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA

Multiple articles abound…

The Audie Award judges heralded the many innovative and collaborative aspects of The Chopin Manuscript, an original work that has continued to win praise

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NEWARK, NJ—-The leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment, Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary , today announced the groundbreaking, original novel The Chopin Manuscript has been named
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