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Frederic Chopin Museum, Warsaw

Italians to design Warsaw’s Chopin Museum

Polish Radio External Service – Poland

Listen to the Audio report from Polish Radio: New Chopin Museum

“In 2010, the Chopin birth bicentenary year, Warsaw is to have a new-look Chopin Museum. An international competition for its design and exhibition concept has been won by the Milan-based Migliore & Servetto company.”

Grzegorz Michalski, the director of the National Chopin Institute, says it was an excellent choice: ‘The Italian concept is renowned for its incredible artistic taste and a feel for the specific conditions of the Ostrogski Castle on the one hand and of the needs of a monographic exhibition devoted to Chopin. I am delighted with a clarity of vision and the logic of the structural design.’

The winning project does away with the traditional ‘don’t touch the exhibits’ way of design. It is to be a multi-media and interactive arrangement, making profound use of all the latest in electronic technology.

‘While being a truly modern museum, it is addressed not only to the lovers of Chopin but to people of various level of interest in music and of all age groups, both 70- and 10-year olds. They will be able to view different exhibits, the ones they are interested in, at the same time; it’s a very interesting concept,’ said the minister of culture Bogdan Zdrojewski

Italians to design Warsaw’s Chopin Museum – Warsaw,Poland

More on the firm designing the new museum, and their 50K Euro prize, offered by the
by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute (NIFC).

The Milan-based Migliore&Servetto company has won a tender for the design of the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. An 11-person panel of judges, chaired by the
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El Paso Chopin Festival

El Paso Chopin Music Festival

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Mark your calendars for the 14th season of the El Paso gathering, says the tourism blog Travel To United States:

The 2008 fall series of piano concerts is sponsored by El Paso Community College and the El Paso Chopin Festival Society. Performances are at 8 pm Saturday, Sept. 6, Sept. 20 and Oct. 4. at the Chamizal National Memorial, 800 S.
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Poland Rejects Testing Chopin’s Heart

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Scientists want to see if composer Frederic Chopin — whose heart rests in a Warsaw church, preserved in alcohol since his 1849 death — died of cystic fibrosis instead of tuberculosis, as was thought at the time.

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