Chopin on the Editorial Page:

We can but should we?

Chronicle Times – Cherokee,IA,USA

Iowa newspaper weighs in on “the eternal battle of wills between science and ethics” being played out in Poland over Chopin’s heart, to determine if (as is now conjectured), he died from cystic fibrosis, and not tuberculosis…

Government officials are denying access to the heart, which has taken on a mystic similar to a religious relic. They feel that the scientists may not even be able to prove their theory and see little value in what caused the composer’s death.

Scientists respond that if Chopin died from cystic fibrosis, the knowledge would give hope to those suffering from the disease that they have the capacity to achieve great things, in spite of their disease.

We agree with the government. Changing the cause of death will not change the way Chopin is viewed, nor will defiling a revered relic help anyone.

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