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Learn to play Funeral March by Frederic Chopin

From a new site called Songpond (“where you learn to play your favorite songs”), they invite you to subscribe and learn to play a Chopin favorite via an instructional video:

Learn this Classical song that has become an anthem in pop culture for death and funerals. It was adapted to appear as Darth Vaders theme in the Star Wars film. Learn this classical piece with step by step easy to follow video lessons. Techniques you will learn and apply in this lesson include: identifying thematic sections, block chords, two note chords, repetition, transposing up the octave, tertial harmony, the minor key, 2 finger over thumb, dynamic contrast. This lesson is most suitable for a Beginner pianist. It is rated Easy. Running time: 19.04 minutes.

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Chopin on Performing

By J.C. Combs
Amaranth Arthouse Music –

Nice and timely quote from Chopin….

Today, as was yesterday, pianist composers are expected to perform. Similarly, I suspect there is more money in performing. Yet one king in the history of the piano wasn’t too confident about performing. Preferring small parlors. intimate settings, Chopin did not at all match in performing personality the pianists who champion his works.

“I am not fitted to give concerts. The audience intimidates me, I feel…” – Chopin