Chopin Project Player

Lutz, Florida – The Chopin Project® today announced the initial release of 20 exclusive new recordings, including many Chopin rarities via The Chopin Project® iPhone App from the Apple® iTunes Store. The Chopin Project® App offers a growing discography of new studio recordings from the Chopin Project® Listening Library.

With performances by internationally acclaimed Chopin Project® pianists represented throughout these posts and pages including Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Arthur Greene, the Chopin Project® App introduces listeners to the magical world of Fryderyk Chopin and the exquisite poetry of his compositions for piano.

The Chopin Project® App is the first and only iPhone app in the world dedicated to streaming performances of Fryderyk Chopin’s piano repertory. In addition, the App’s functionality includes search and sort features as well as a capacity to create playlists by genre, key and date of composition.

“Fans of Chopin will be thrilled with the quality of these performances and the recordings,” says Chopin Project® Founder, Frederick Slutsky. “And the app ushers the genius of Chopin into the Digital Age.”

With over 50 recordings already in the vaults, and 30 more in current production, the Chopin Project’s® exclusive library of original new studio tracks will include everything from his lesser known and rarely performed repertory (including the Songs) to classic favorites. Most will be added to the app throughout the 2010-2011 “Year of Chopin” – a worldwide celebration of the composer’s 200th birthday on March 1, 1810.

Below are some of the screen shots.

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