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Chopin News, Views, and Reviews:

‘The Spies of Warsaw’ by Alan Furst
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA

Furst’s books are like Chopin’s nocturnes: timeless, transcendent, universal. One does not so much read them as fall under their spell and

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Chopin News, Reviews, and Previews:

Belbin, Agosto taking a classical approach
Boston Globe – United States

Chopin turns out to be the missing ingredient in the ice-dancing tandem’s Quest for Gold….

[Tanith] Belbin and [Ben] Agosto are the most successful

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Chopin Video of the Day:

Kurikinton Fox – F.Chopin – fantasy impromptu in Guitar!!!

Not bad at all!

This is Fantasy Impromptu AKA Gino’s piece. These guys did this in g-tar…Amazing:D.
music is everything, everything is music –

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Kicking against convention: a scene from The Concert, a clever and
This is London – London,England,UK

Another one of Jerome Robbins’ famous interpretations of Chopin, from the New York City Ballet performance at the London Coliseum….(be sure to read

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Chopin Performance of the Day: A Chopin Rarity from Chopin Project Artistic Director Arthur Greene:

“The Nocturne in E-flat, Op. 9 No. 2 comes from around 1830, -after Chopin had left Warsaw forever. But the version I’m playing here has

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