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Ancient trees at Nohant Manor from "Chopin's Europe" courtesy Hanna Komarnicki

The first of this group of three mazurkas, in the key of  

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Cross-posted from our companion daily blog site The Chopin Currency: By “Currency” we mean just how contemporary – and how powerfully it resonates in our own time, nearly 200 years since the composer’s birth.

This month we’re getting a compelling

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Chopin Nocturnes Op. 48 Title page

“Magnificent in its breadth, it profound expression, and its tremendous sonority.” Dr. Frank Cooper‘s summation of this Chopin Nocturne, composed in 1841, just about says it all. But if you want to know more, click here. Or else

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Chopin’s third waltz has been called a “piece full of melancholy, gloom and grief, expressed in mournful simplicity.”

Though, according to the Vancouver Chopin Society,

The composer Stephen Heller related that Chopin called this slow (Lento) waltz his favorite. When

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