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A Chopin extravaganza
Times Online – UK

Nice Times of London summation of the BBC Radio 3 Chopin Experience:

After the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky Experiences and the Bach Christmas it’s time for Frédéric Chopin to

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Two piano stars, but only one dazzles
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada

No, it’s *not* Lang Lang; this time Yundi Li is being compared to “Macedonian wonder Simon Trpceski:”

Beneath the metallic

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Chopin News, Reviews, and Previews:

Review: Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at Auckland Town Hall

Lithuanian pianist Mûza Rubackyté getting some nice attention from the Kiwis: “The opening pages of Chopin’s E minor Piano Concerto can be worryingly stolid, but not on …

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Chopin News, Reviews, & Previews:

Pianist Lim Dong-hyek Emerges From Slump With Bach

Hearing Bach’s Goldberg Variations used in a computer game prompts 23-year old Korean star (studying at Juilliard) to break out of artistic doldrums. Known as an interpreter

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