Mark Clague

Mark Clague, Assistant Professor of Musicology, American Culture, and Afro-American Studies at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance also serves as Associate Director of the University’s American Music Institute as well as faculty advisor to the Arts Enterprise Club, a joint project with the Ross School of Buslness. His research interests include film music, city culture and musical institutions, music and architecture, patriotic song, living composers, African American classical music, music in the Caribbean, band music, and nineteenth-century culture. His articles appear in the journals American Music and Black Music Research and his first book Suite Virgin Isles: The Memoirs of Alton Augustus Adams, First Black Bandmaster of the United States Navy will appear with the University of California Press in early 2008. His dissertation, “Chicago Counterpoint: The Auditorium Theatre Building and the Civic Imagination,” won the 2002 Wiley Housewright Prize from the Society for American Music. He has given talks at conferences of the American Musicological Society, Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for American Music, Center for Black Music Research, Feminism and Music Theory, American Studies Association, and National Association of Schools of Music as well as at the Peabody Institute, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Southern California.

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