Wayne Petty

Wayne C. Petty, Associate Professor in the Department of Music Theory, works primarily in the theory and analysis of tonal music. His research has explored the style and techniques of 18th-century keyboard music, especially in the keyboard sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the history and practice of Schenkerian analysis, and the interpretation of multimovement works. His articles on these subjects have appeared in Music Analysis, Music Theory Spectrum, Nineteenth-Century Music, Schenker Studies, and elsewhere. His 1999 article “Chopin and the Ghost of Beethoven” explores Beethoven’s little-known influence on Chopin, using that influence as a key to discovering potential meanings in Chopin’s “Funeral March” Sonata. Prof. Petty is currently at work reconstructing and completing Schenker’s analysis of Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” Sonata.

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