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Images from “Chopin’s Europe” courtesy Hanna Komarnicki

Fryderyk Chopin composed his Mazurka in A Minor Opus 7 No. 2 in Poland though it was published later, in France. We know this because an early version of it was discovered in …

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Chopin Broadcasts:

Waltz in A-flat, Op. 69, no. 1 “L’Adieu”
Performance Today – American Public Media

Today’s edition of Performance Today – the most popular classical-music show in the USA – will feature a performance from The Chopin Project: …

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Chopin News, Reviews, and Previews:

A Souvenir From Vladimir Horowitz
New York Sun – United States

A just-released “souvenir” CD from “one of the great uneven performers in all history” Vladimir Horowitz’s very last recital (from June of 1987) …

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"In his Mazurkas, you get to know the very soul of Poland and Chopin never forgot his home land or the poor farmers singing the Mazurkas during the time of harvest." All right, the Piano Society's prose on Chopin's 58 Mazurkas may be a bit purple, but it does appear that the Mazurkas are close to Chopin's Polish soul. Esteemed pianist and scholar Charles Rosen has also declared the Mazurkas as Chopin's "R & D Lab" - where

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Arthur Greene plays
As Chopin Project Artistic Director Arthur Greene heads off to Novi Sad, Serbia, to judge and perform in the Isidor Bajic Memorial Competition, he leaves us a taste of his masterful Chopin interpretation with this performance of the …

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